The company Oke

Okay Bvba is a family business that has been in rotation, in the world of decoration, for several years. Our clients have an excellent choice in our  exclusive range of products.

One of the big advantages of our company is the personal relationship that we built up with our clients. We are always accessible by phone, fax and email. This allows us to answer tour quickly and further problems can be cleared easily.

You can also visit our beautifully decorated showroom at the Brussels Trade Mart on Mondays (from 10h to 17h), . This showroom of 360 sqm, shows a selection of several thousand items, where we offer the possibility of “Cash and Carry” . You can acces our various catalogs , where orders can be registered.

We differentiate ourselves from other wholesalers in decoration items, because on the one hand our products are made in Europe and on the other hand our products are more unique against other products.

Our clients primarily consist of: flower shops, gift shops, garden centers, furniture stores, …

Is your time limited and you prefer to make an appointment. Then you can contact us and we’ll make an appointment with you. Either at your office or at an appointed day in our showroom.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

address showroom:

Entrance from parking lot 2 (Fashion Gardens)
Stand E Dijon 331A
AV. Madrid
1020 Brussel

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